Monday, December 17, 2012

A Suessical Birthday Party

First I should start off by apologizing for the hiatus. December seems to be a bit of a blur this year. We're getting ready to fly home for Christmas, and we just celebrated DJ's 1st birthday.  In the new year, I plan on posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the occasional guest post. I can't guarantee this schedule in January, as I'll be out of province, waiting for the birth of my niece or nephew. Now for some birthday celebration pictures :)

We celebrated DJ's birthday and his little buddy's who turns one at the end of the month

One fish two fish. We wanted one red and one blur, but red food colouring leads to pink cakes...

Every guest was required to have their family photo taken wearing Cat in the Hat Hat's. :) Here's our fam jam 

DJ's cake smash!


I can't believe my little ham is one!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you and yours the best during the holidays.