Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Frog Prince

Katie is going through a phase where anything that remotely fits on her fingers, becomes a finger puppet. She will turn anything from marker lids to megablocks into a " PUPPETSHOW" ( She gets very excited when she says that word). For Christmas we bought the kids a few Fairy Tale books. One of the stories is The Frog Prince by the Grimm Brothers. Mix that story, with Finger puppets from IKEA and a cardboard box, and Voila! you have your very own puppet show.

Our theater includes three different sceneries; mountains, a river and a forest. The kids had a blast colouring it with us. DJ didn't realize that he was colouring with the lid on, and Katie was enjoying helping to colour in my tree with a pink marker :) I think it looks beautiful. It has since been flipped on it's side and used as a boat, and then folded in half and became a fort. Imagination is wonderful.

Do you read Fairy tales with your kids? Have you come across any that you didn't know from your childhood?

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