Friday, March 1, 2013

Lunch Inspired

Our latest activity was inspired by my husband's lunch. He came home from work, announcing that he had something cool to show me. When he bit into his apple at lunch, he found that a couple of the seeds had started to sprout. One thing led to another, and we ended up with this:

Elijah cut up the apple core and removed the seeds

The kids and I each painted a clay pot and filled them with soil. Elijah didn't want to paint, so they're are two unpainted pots.

The next day, we went to the Library for a playdate with a friend, and to borrow some books about apples.

The librarian found six books for us, each with different learning subjects all relating to apples.

Apple countdown is a book about a school field trip to an apple orchard. They countdown from 20 to 0. Katie has been showing a bit of interest in counting lately, so this was a good book for us. 20 items was a little much though, so we stopped counting after a few pages, and just read the book.

Curious George Apple Harvest walks you through the process of making apple cider.

Johnny Appleseed is a quick book, which introduces you to John Chapman. I think we may branch off of this one a little bit.

The Apple Pie Tree shows you how the apples grow throughout the seasons, as well as some wildlife that benefits from an apple tree. It also gives you a recipe for apple pie. We made apple pie last week, or else it would have been a good project.

Apple Sauce Season talks about the different kinds of Apples found at this boy's farmers market, and how different varieties ripen at different times. He talks about how his family makes apple sauce, and provides you with his own recipe. We make apple sauce differently then they do in the book, but Katie has been involved in the process before.

Once Upon a Golden Apple, had absolutely nothing to do with apples. It is a cute mixed up fairy tale, by Jean Little. Who, like Robert Munsch and myself, is from Guelph Ontario.

Homeschooling with a two year old :)

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