Friday, September 25, 2015

Felted Sweater Mittens

Don't hate me, it is Fall you know. A completely reasonable time to post about some light pairs of mittens. Fall mittens. Don't panic. ;)

Galaxy mittens for Sophie
So I was cleaning out my stash this summer and found a bag of felted sweater scraps left over from making diaper covers when Sophie was a baby. I figured that almost 5 years of taking up space was long enough and it was time to use them up or get rid of them.

Flower mittens for Katie
My yarn stash also happened to have all of these little skeins of coloured wool and so... voila! Little mittens for all of the cousins with embroidered pictures to tell them apart :)

Sea and Sand mittens for DJ
Now obviously embroidery is not my thing, but these were fairly easy. I just traced each kids hand to be sure it would fit, added seam allowances and voila. Instant pattern. (I kind of messed up Deacon's though. He can barely get them on. Oh well, what can you do?)

Little house mittens for Deacon
These would make really cute Christmas presents I think. No sewing machine required and even an older child could make them!

Rain cloud mittens for Hunter
I had just enough left over to make an extra pair in baby size. I figured I might as well while I was at it, instead of throwing the rest out. I'm sure they'll get used eventually.

Leaf mittens
I also wanted to add that the decorative stitches on the outside aren't just for looks. I have tried felted sweater mittens in the past and NOTHING I did would make them curve smoothly when I turned them inside out! I have no idea why, so I just went a different route this time.

One more photo, for your amusement. The secret to my lovely white background. Were you impressed? High tech, I know.  ;)

Oh no, I mentioned Christmas presents! Are you running away now?

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