Friday, January 11, 2013

Audio Books

Now that the holidays are over, I'm going to try to blog a little more consistently then I was before the break. I'm still at my parents house with my kids, while my husband and dog hold down the fort back home.

I've decided to begin a project while I'm here. My project? To have important people in mine and my kids lives make audio books for my kids. I started by taking a trip to Value Village, where they sell good condition used kids books for 1$ each. Instead of reading through them all, I just grabbed a whole stack of non liscenced books (I hate liscenced products like Caillou, Dora and Barbie) and bought them all. We ended up with 22 books in total, not all were great, but I really didn't have time to read them all in the store. Even with two other adults chasing my kids around.

The next step is to figure out how to record them... any ideas on programs?

After that, I'll burn them onto individual CD's, and place matching alphabet stickers on the CD and book that go together. The CD's will be kept in a small fabric CD case with a zipper, which will be kept in a basket with a discman and the books.

My two year old loves headphones, or "ears" as she calls them, so I think this should be a hit!

Post Script, Happy New Year! What goals have you set for the next 12 months?

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