Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Today is my first guest post, by my sister, about our daughters first Theater experience:

Hi, this is Kathryn here sneaking in a guest post before I have my baby :)

Since Jess is visiting until then we've been taking the kids to just about every kid-friendly activity we could think of. On Saturday we chose the Guelph symphony orchestra's retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  All it was was 6 members of the orchestra, the conductor and the storyteller. They had little theme songs for each character, musical animal sounds for the birds and animals, and even sinister background music when the wolf was up to no good. The kids (my little music lover especially) were entranced. They kept it short enough to keep the kids attention and then had each member of the orchestra show off their instrument and make some music to show what each one could do. Then out came some boxes of toy instruments for the patient little munchkins to play with.  There was some free play with the instruments, then some pretend orchestra activities before it was time to go.  On the way out the kids were invited to take a closer look at the instruments and talk to the musicians up front. It was really sweet and well done.  I really liked how they used a story that most children already know to teach them something new about music :)

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