Monday, October 27, 2014

Rainbow Weather Chart

What's with this lazy blogger girl? Where did she get to? I know, you've been waiting with baited breath to find out ;)

We had some problems with the internet and had to wait a week for a technician to arrive to fix it. The Hubby was all "Nah, they won't need to come inside." so when he did get here I had a dresser and a half (some drawers if you're wondering how that's possible) plus every piece of clothing/textiles from the kids room in piles all over my living room. Classy.

We've been up to a fair bit in the meantime though.  I have a new crush; the laminater. I laminated a few things for homeschool kindergarten, one of which is the beautiful weather chart from .Paint On The Ceiling. Seriously, you need one. It's a free printable and it's really pretty as well as clear for the kids. Sophie's been loving it. It has really shortened the "It's time to get dressed now" discussion every morning because she can't go upstairs to check the weather for her chart until she's out of her jammies. (Ah, parental blackmail!)

It has also raised some interesting educational questions like the time she came down and said that it was cold when the cars went by and warm when they didn't. Hmm... Time to talk about where the wind comes from... 

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