Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yoga Party

We moved back to Ontario last summer, and have loved being close to home. I really miss my friends though, they filled in for the family that was provinces away. CFB Borden, where my husband is now stationed, is a training base, which means that most people that I meet in the area don't stay long. My heart hasn't been ready to make friends with people who will just leave, but the time has come where it is just too lonely for me and the kids without friends. We are going to a birthday party this coming weekend, for a friend who I'd really love to get to know better, even though she won't be here for long. For her little guy's 4th birthday, they are having a yoga themed party. They are the kind of family who love homemade things. For gifts, she requested something yoga themed. What, you may ask, could you possibly make that is yoga themed for a BOY? I asked the same thing. In cases like this, pinterest and google are my friends. This was the outcome :

Harem pants! DJ now wants a pair, I might make him two <3 These were made with a pattern I drafted using a pair of DJ's pants. Next time, I will add a little more room around the crotch, I don't think that they sag quite enough, or have enough room to stretch, but I like them all the same. I used French seams on all of the seams except the cuffs, where I didn't think that it would be necessary. 

DJ was nice enough to model for me. He wears a size four, and I think that the birthday boy is close in size to him, so hopefully they work.
The second part o the gift was mala beads. These are a little more child friendly than "real" ones, but the concept is the same. 108 beads with knots in between and a tassel at the end. Don't know what mala beads are? Neither did I, I suggest that you google it for an answer though, because there is a ton of information on these. Basically they are prayer/ meditation necklaces.

So there you have it, boyish yoga related things. My other ideas were to make head bands, harem shorts or a yoga mat bag.


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