Thursday, February 5, 2015

KCW Day 1, Refashioned Romper

So what if we had the biggest snowstorm of the season the day I made this? I'm definitely the sort of person who needs to do things the moment when inspiration hits or be doomed forever.

I unearthed this beautiful summer top while organizing my fabric stash. It came in a bag of summer tops that I got for a dollar each. I knew it wouldn't fit me but with those pockets it was destined for something! It would have been a bit short for Sophie as a dress (hence why it had sat so long) but I had just been looking at rompers for another project and... inspiration! You can see below how I cut it. Super simple. Just enough off of the sides to make it fit my daughter and a thin rectangle up the middle as far as the crotch.

I made the straps out of the pieces I cut out of the bodice.  I took care of the big gaps cutting them out had left by gathering the extra material by hand as tightly as I could. This left them sticking out only about 3/4 inch so it was easy to catch when I sewed the side seams.

The next step was to sew up one leg, across the crotch and down the other. Then I flipped the hem under once (it was already finished for the bottom of the shirt, now my legs) and sewed a channel for the elastic. I added elastic, sewed the hole I inserted it in closed, repeated for the other leg and voila! The cutest little romper she's ever had!

I still can't get over those pockets. Think of all of the summertime treasures they will hold!

You know what would have been really nice here? A picture of her wearing it. Not worth the battle though, because she might take it out on the romper and never go near it again.

Know what would have been even nicer? Getting it on her at all so that I could tell if it even fit her... Oh Four year olds :P

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  1. SUPER CUTE!!!!! I love such refashioned rompers and wanted to make one for a loooooong time. A gathered bodice could be the key ;-) Thanks for sharing!
    All the best!