Monday, May 18, 2015

Glimpses of Spring

We FINALLY got our seeds started last week! Three days in we already had little shoots from the sunflower seeds. Sophie is so excited!

We're trying the eggshell method (go free!). The windowsills in our basement apartment are just wide enough to hold an egg carton, and long enough to put three side by side. We may expand operations next year, as we have one more window in the living room. I could double our started seeds if I can convince my husband that a row of soil and water above his computer isn't really that bad of an idea. ;)

P.s. We started sunflowers, pumpkins, tomatoes and cucumbers. I also have some potatoes sprouting under the sink. Everything else I'll direct seed. What do you start early? (I will confess to having plans to sprout sweet potatoes as well, but they went bad on the counter before I got around to it!)

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  1. Sadly I had little luck with many of my seeds. Between planting too deep, not having warm enough soil and watering them too much/ too little, I managed to kill many of my precious seeds. Good thing I planted tons of extra seeds, hoping that I would have enough to share with you and mom, otherwise I wouldn't have a garden. So, fortunately for me, I planted extra things, unfortunately for you and mom, I killed so many of them that now I can't share until Harvest. :(