Sunday, October 28, 2012

Give me back my dad!

 Two of our library books this week, are ones written by Robert Munsch. The one we focused on today, is called 'Give me back my dad'.

 Katie adores going fishing with her dad, but it's too cold for a boat, and the lake hasn't frozen yet. So, I thought, why not fish inside while DJ is taking a nap?

I got a fish!

This activity was a HUGE hit with her. We took her little pink fishing rod and her fish bath toys, sat across the room from each other and practiced fishing. I can't wait until Elijah can take Katie ice fishing for the first time.

( Had we been the ones who had bought her a fishing rod, it wouldn't have been pink, or disney anything! I had hoped this one would stay at her grandparents...but it migrated here...)

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