Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three little pigs

Today we had our first Mommy school puppet show. I'll admit, it wasn't fantastic, but it sure was fun to make the set, props and perform for the little ones. I chose this script, but changed it so that all the little pigs lived. We had some friends over, and put on a show for the kids. I didn't take any pictures of today's activity, but here's a look at our set and cast:

 The three little pigs, made from old pink onesies. And the Big bad wold mask, made from felt
The straw house

The house made of sticks

The house made of bricks

Pot of hot water

Annnd, what my two year old looks like with 5 pairs of Pajamas on.

Have you ever put on a puppet show for your kids? Or have they ever put on a mini play for you? As kids we used to do the whole shabang; write scripts, make costumes, props, sets, music, lighting.... I'm sure we continued into middle school/ early high school. Once in high school, we all continued to take drama. There is no end to a child creativity if you give them an outlet for it.

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