Friday, October 26, 2012

More Spaghetti, I Say

Some of my favorite things include reading, theater and crafts. These are all things that I want my kids to share the same love for with me. Now that she's two, my daughter finally enjoys having books read to her, and will bring me book after book to read to her. I could spend hours sitting with her reading stories, except for one thing; she gets bored. We tried going to story time at the library once a week, but sitting still for 5 books while there's so many new toys and books to explore, is a little much for my toddler. While at home reading together in a familiar environment, we can get through a few before she becomes interested in something new. Lately we've been trying to come up with more creative ways of telling her stories, by using props or crafts.

For my first entry, I've decided to introduce you to a book I remember well from my childhood.
While surfing the web yesterday, I came across a post about this book on Sew a Straight Line. After reading  it, I decided I had to get my hands on a copy of it. I called my sister, excited about my discovery, wondering if our mom still has a copy. She probably does, but Ontario is a few too many provinces away for it to get here fast enough. On to plan B, since plan A was just silly and impossible, we walked to the library today. Good news! They had a copy, at another branch. Once my hubby was let off work, we went and picked it up. I was so excited about sharing a book form my childhood with my kids, that i couldn't wait until I had made play spaghetti to introduce it to them. As soon as I had supper cooked, we sat down and read the book together for the first time, waiting for our spaghetti to cool. Katie seemed to really enjoy eating (playing with) the same food that we had just read about.

She had me read it to her a couple more times before bed. Tomorrow we'll be busting out some pots, wooden spoons and pretend spaghetti. Have you brought any books to life lately? If so, how?

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  1. Your baby has beautiful eyes! Thanks for the shout out in your post. I love this idea for a blog!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I still need to get some pretty pictures of the family and make a graphic to replace my beautiful paint picture. Hoping to launch my blog soon.