Friday, January 16, 2015

The "I Don't Read Instructions" Tunic

For starters this fabric is actually much cuter in person. Blue and light blue with pink running through it.  *sigh* It's  the softest flannel with the nicest drape which is perfect for this tunic. It also looks great on. So great that every time I want to take a picture in it I've already worn it and it's in the laundry!

The instructions debacle is definitely my fault, not the book's. This pattern is from Stylish Dress Book: Wear With Freedom which is definitely in English so no excuses there. (I shortened a dress pattern.) It also has perfectly clear instruction. I'm just too cool to measure apparently :P

Like measuring where the pocket should go so it's now a bit too high. Or measuring how wide the button placket should be, which caused a string of disasters since the next step is to sew the plackets into the front gathers. Twice. Which meant the collar opening was too wide... So my jury rigged solution was to fold the button placket over again which made it almost the right side and cap the raw edges of the collar with squares (like under the top button). But because I folded the placket... (all for the want of a horseshoe nail eh?) it was too thick and my buttons wouldn't go through the button holes. At which point I said screw it and just sewed them on in the right places with enough room to get it over my head.

The moral of this story is measure, but I do love this top anyways :)

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