Monday, January 19, 2015

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

It's a book. Go read it. Bye now!

Ok, maybe you need some persuading. Especially with such a cutesy title. Or maybe you'd like to know the author (Marie Kondo), or where to buy the book

Or what the cover looks like:

Why am I so excited about tidying? (Why wouldn't you read a book that got you excited about tidying?) Because she advocates on only keeping the items in your life that spark joy. Stop for a moment and picture your home simplified, clutter free, and only filled with things you love. Bet you want to read it now eh?

The other part I really like is a trick for letting things go, which it thanking things for serving their purpose. For example I have a hard time getting rid of things I was gifted, often for years and years. But if you consider that the purpose of a gift was to give joy to the person gifting it, then it has served it's function by being received by you and you can thank it for that and move on.

I can't say much more as I first discovered this book here and liked it for many of the same reasons. Hence why I bought the book. I did have an amusing conversation with Jess though where I was going on about this book I was reading and it turns out she had been searching for a copy to read herself! So if I've inspired you and you want me to lend it to you, you'll have to wait your turn. ;)

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