Friday, January 30, 2015

Bows and Bowties

Blogging has been frustrating lately. Not because I haven't been making things, but because I can't post about any of it yet! I have gifts that haven't made it to their new owners, things that need unexpected alterations, UFO's and finished projects with pictures languishing on other people's cameras. If all of them showed up photographed on my computer tomorrow I could have a month of posts ready to go! So today I caved. These are technically undelivered gifts but I'm confident enough that the recipients don't read my blog to just go for it. (Notice I'm not sure enough of that statement to tell you who will get them! lol)

These sweet little bow ties are crocheted using this free pattern. I really liked it! It was a quick, easy pattern that gave nice looking results. I had only planned on making one for the youngest boy but I liked it so much that I made another bigger one for his brother. (I am hoping that he's not old enough to think that's lame.) Then I made three more with hair clips instead of straps for little sister! I had matching their Christmas outfits in mind but they could pass for Valentines day at this point right? (Oh dear goodness plague children make parental socializing in the winter special don't they?)

Sophie was especially taken with the fluffy one. I promised her one almost two months ago, so I guess I'd better get on that eh?

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