Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Teeny Tiny Pop-pom Quilt

Look! Isn't it cute and little?

I think I'll keep it draped right there on that couch. It's full of holes anyways. *cough cough lower right of picture cough* It was supposed to be slightly larger and therefore useful as a couch blanket since we live in a basement but I ran out of yarn. I only bought two balls when it went on sale because I was planning to make a small rug but my little project couch was just calling for a dose of colour. (You should have seen me couch shopping for our other little couch. I picked the one that came in turquoise.)

I didn't use a pattern, I just winged something like a simple doily. You can see above that the middle is denser and the outside more lacy. It was such a fuzzy yarn that and more complicated details would be lost anyways.

This is the yarn by itself. I have a pretty good length of it left because it wasn't quite enough for another round. I'm thinking of saving is as a garland because it's so pretty. This picture's a bit dark but did you notice in the top ones that I'd found the secret to passable photos? The shiny white(ish) holey couch (what a great backdrop lol) and co-operative sunlight. 

P.S. Sorry for the late post. This was sitting almost finished before the weekend but we went to the cottage and a blanket, even a teeny one, was just too bulky to bring with me. I'm half done the crochet project I did bring though and it's too cute :) 

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