Friday, July 11, 2014

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Tops

As I was unpacking my dance things I realized that I'd never blogged about my other costume. I actually liked this one better, we were Inuit sea witches and it was amazing! I'd originally waited because I wanted to show the whole costume together but I never got any pictures of it, only group shots. There was vague talk of some of us holding our own informal photo shoot and if we do I'll post pics because the accessories were these crazy yarn falls that looked like seaweed with shells and sequins.

So obviously, this started as a bra. I started by lining the band because the lace was see-through. I bought ruffle-edged elastic in three colours (mostly black with enough purple and turquoise for the top rows) and sewed it down the cups in strips, leaving space in between each row. Then I embellished each space differently.
 From the top: 
Silver sequins; one sewed down, one on a loop to dangle and repeat.
A line of turquoise beaded cord 
A line of dangling coins with a silver sequin sewed down between each one
A double line of mini black sequin trim
A second coin row
A second (tiny) line of mini black sequin trim

Phew! More work than it looks eh?

And then of course the danglies. In my mind this distracts from my belly ;) Be smarter than me though, sew yours on to the outside of the top if you try this. I put mine inside because it looked better but it was uncomfortable and really, the audience is not that close. You can see them draping better in the picture below.

Oh the ever classy  bathroom selfie. I need  to invest in my own personal photographer. Or a full length mirror.
Like the shrug that went with it? Am I not amazing for making it? No? You must know the secret then. Ten minutes, a pair of pantyhose (the kind without the crotch piece obviously) and some scissors will get you your own pair. Cut off the toes and the waistband elastic, stick your arms in and snip just above the armpits until it's not too tight. The edges will stretch and roll to cover it. Ta da!

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