Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer? Pshaw! I'm Going to Make Sweatpants!

So what if we're expecting the hottest week of the summer? Why not ignore the fact that my kids could still use a few more summer clothes. Pretend I can't see the three backpacks I have cut out for Skirting the Issue.
Now is clearly the best time to be sewing sweatpants.

I blame the sleeves. The bag of sweatshirt sleeves leftover from the reversible animal hoods that was just sitting there, not fitting into my stash and looking just like the legs of little baby pants. I had to do it, that bag was just bothering me. Not having any babies in need of tiny little sweatpants, I had to get creative to make those narrow sleeves and the odd hood into pants big enough for the munchkins.

You can see that there wasn't enough of the checkered one. Good thing the brown one had a hood!
Which means they're kind of super warm leggings, since the separate bum panel was the only way to make them wide enough, even for Deacon. (This is of course the Fancy Pants legging pattern, the two above are size 2's for Deacon and the two below are 5's for Sophie.) I'm not sure about the panel on a kid Sophie's age so hers may end up as pajamas. I'll have to convince her to model them with a couple of different tops and see. (In what universe do  I think that will happen?)

 The waistbands are all cut from the original sweatshirt waistbands. The cuffs are the sleeve cuffs. Two are as is but for the other two I cut off and re-sewed the cuffs back on. For the white and brown checked pair the cuffs were just super long so I shortened them. For the pink pair they were stained so I flipped them backwards. For the grey striped pair I left them long. The theory is that Sophie can wear them rolled up this year and rolled down next. Super value pants! (Oh wait, they were free...)

Do you like my cleverly made project-hanging clothesline? Might as well use my new patio for something!

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