Friday, July 4, 2014

Eating is Awesome! (My Fave Gluten Free Recipe's at the Moment)

So, not my usual fare but I actually really enjoy cooking when I can manage it without screaming children. I also really enjoy gluten but my stomach does not. I'm only gluten intolerant so I can cheat here and there but I feel much better all around if I don't. Which leaves the question of what on earth I can eat.

I have some things that I've found good substitutes for and others I just don't eat. Bread mostly falls into the second category. Every once in awhile I'll buy one of the tiny, expensive bricks they pass off as gluten free bread and keep it in the freezer for emergency grilled cheese days but that's about it. There are tons of recipe's out there that claim to actually taste like bread but they all seem to need half a dozen kinds of flour plus xantham or guar gum and I just don't care enough to play chemist. This can make lunch a bit more complicated though. Some of my favorite recipe's so far are:

 Recipe and photo from 
Brazilian cheese bread. I make this at least once a week. It tastes like something you'd eat on purpose, not a second best substitute.

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Oat flour crepes are another good one that I've just discovered. Quick and easy. I like to add a bit of sugar if I'm making them as a dessert. She says you can use the plain ones as a sandwich wrap but I haven't tried that yet.

stack of banana pancakes
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Banana oat pancakes were discovered by Jess and I almost refused to try them! I actually don't like pancakes but these are amazing. They taste like banana bread and are almost creamy because of the oat flour. Even if I woke up tomorrow able to eat gluten I would still happily make these.

Dinners I find easier. Gluten free pasta is easy to find, not too expensive and tastes just as good. It just takes a bit longer to cook and you need to rinse off the extra starch when you're done. Brown rice is also a new obsession of mine now that I can (usually) cook it properly. (Yes I know. Everybody can cook rice. Except me people. I'm special that way.) Also anything breaded like orange chicken or fried fish I keep a bit of the store bought gluten free flour mix for.

Dessert hasn't been too bad so far either. I like oat flour best for baking because it has a nice flavor. I substitute it in brownies and the only difference is that they're a bit denser. I also swap it for the wheat flour in my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I bake it in a pan like squares though because it won't rise when you cook it, it will spread out thin and crunchy on a cookie sheet. Or if I just want a some cake after the kids have gone to bed, this is a new favorite of mine; chocolate cake in a mug! ( Found here.) With icing if it was that sort of a day ;) I like using oat flour a lot I know but it's a whole grain that doesn't taste too "healthy" if you know what I mean. 

Do you have any gluten free recipes that you love? I'm always looking for new ones!

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