Monday, April 6, 2015

Chocolate Pillowcase Top

I've been all about the instant gratification lately. 
(Insert chocolate joke here.)

So, this is just exactly like a pillowcase dress, but shortened to top length. Because the anti-dress phase is going strong. I got a meter of this fabric when it was on sale for $3. I think it was released around the same time as the donut print I used here, so it's been sitting in my stash at least a year.

It was a super quick and easy sew, there are tons of tutorials out there if you look. I used a ribbon from my stash for the ties but you can also make one out of your material if you want a different look.

This was so quick in fact that I had time to make a matching one for Eeyore. Please note that my life has gotten to the point where a stiffed Donkey is my best clothes model ;)

Sort of early for tank tops yet, but I swear the snow melted for at least a day last week! How about you, are you dreaming of sunshine in your sewing yet?

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