Friday, April 17, 2015

Magical Shorts Transformation!

I recently got a great deal on a secondhand clothing lot in Sophie's next size. She ruled out all of the dresses and skirts, but I pulled a few things out of the "no" pile and turned them into shorts! (Thrifty Mama win!)

This was a denim overall dress. It turned out really cute, I think! It was decidedly blah and dated before. I think the new shape redeems it.

I used the same method as this romper to turn it into shorts. (Basically cut a rectangle, sew and gather the bottom with elastic.)

This one was kind of tricky of me. It still looks like a skirt! My way of sneaking something a bit dressy into her wardrobe without her noticing...

This one was even easier. Just one cut up the middle and sewn. 15 minute project. So satisfying!

I was afraid she was on to me for a minute. "That's a skirt shorts." She said. I told her that the difference between a skirt and shorts was whether people could see your underwear when you do a handstand. I was looking out for her and made them shorts. ;)

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