Monday, April 20, 2015

Heart Pocket Top

Just a simple peasant top. This was a very easy project, you can find tutorials all over the internet. Most of the extra details (the lace and ruffles) are actually because I made it a tad short.

She requested heart pockets, aren't they cute? A little droopy though, because I just cut them out of an old t-shirt. I really should have lined them or something.

I'm not in love with the lace, it's not quite the same colour as the white pockets and ruffle. Should I take it off you think?

I'm always a fan of elastic necklines on kids clothes, so easy to get on!

This was actually a request from Sophie. She picked the fabric, the pattern and the pockets. She then of course refused to wear it because it's pink. Hey Jess, does Katie want a new top? I'm just going to start sewing for your lovely, agreeable child instead :P

What do you think? Should I attempt it in another colour for Sophie?

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