Monday, April 13, 2015

The "We Want it in Grownup Sizes" Top

Seriously, that was both Jess and I's reaction to this top. There may be some copycat pattern drafting in the future :)

Like my contrast top stitching on the hem? I'm quite proud of myself!

This pattern is out of Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids, a Japanese pattern book that has been translated into English. I want to start by gushing about this book for a bit, I'm so in love with it! (Thank you little brother + girlfriend for the birthday books, and for the fabric gift card so I could make things right away!) It has a good mix of patterns and difficulties as well as great designs for both boys and girls. (Good boy patterns are hard to find!) It fits sizes 2-8 and in all seriousness I want to make every single thing in this book. :)

This top has such pretty, simple details like the tie in front and gathering in the front and back. The colour blocking is completely optional. In the book the entire top, including ties, is made from the same material. I wanted to make something from the polka-dot fabric that Sophie had chosen but it just didn't look quite right in  my head. I think the green really brought it to life and the contrasting bias tape I used (cheated) for the tie really brings it together.

There are some less than perfect bits, but it's not like my kids sit around nicely displaying my perfect sewing to it's best advantage in real life. Quite frankly if they consent to put what I make  on at all I'm happy these days! (This one hasn't been graced with a wear yet by the way. I still have high hopes for it in the future though!)

I even love the back! Seriously, I'm going to have to own my own version of this some day *sigh*

What about you? Would you wear one?

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  1. I really would love to try making an adult version. I wonder how it would turn out...