Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Color of His Own Activity number 3

I've been busy organizing a busy bag swap lately, so today's activity was inspired by one of them. I used the chameleon template that I mentioned in the last post, and enlarged it to take up most of a sheet of paper. After printing it, I put it inside of a clear page protector. We used it as a play dough mat. This was Katie's first play dough mat, and she loved it! She was more interested in it when I was helping though, so it didn't work as the distraction I had hoped for while making dinner. The purpose of today's activity was to see is a page protector would work well as a play dough mat, or if it would allow the page to move around too much. Laminating the sheets is the other option, but is far more expensive. If you have the extra money, I would laminate the pages. But by placing the picture in a page protector, you can cut down on cost big time, and change out the page as desired. The only downfall is that little hands take the pages out when you're not watching.

The other activity I prepared for today, was this...

The kids were through playing with the "puppet theater", so the box was taken apart and I painted large coloured circles on the other side. Since 'A Color of His Own' introduces many colours, I thought it would be a fun learning tool. I plan to leave it on the floor for awhile, maybe do some colour sorting activities, or maybe matching or movement, who knows! There's plenty of ways we could use this. Right now the kids are just having fun jumping form circle to circle and spinning around on it.

Felt Board
Matching Cards
Painting and transparent sheet

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  1. You could do like a musical chairs idea- play some music and when you stop the music call out a color and she has to go to a circle of that color.