Monday, November 19, 2012

Cat in the Hat Toddler Activities

Today I prepared two pattern/ colour matching activities for Katie. I found the templates for my activities Here and Here.

The first one is a cookie sheet with magnetic pom poms. You could also use do a dot markers or bingo dabbers. I didn't have enough red or white pom poms for this activity, guess I'll need to buy more :)

The second is just a hat, with a second hat cut into the different strips. Both pieces are laminated in this activity. Katie sat very quietly while I laminated and cut the pieces out, and then lost interest very quickly afterwards. She opted to eat raisins instead :)

I think a smaller version of the puzzle activity would work well in a totbook...maybe in the future.

I was at Fabricland the during the weekend, and didn't pick up anything to make Katie a Cat in the Hat hat. But here's an easy tutorial if you have the material or a craft store on hand:

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