Monday, November 5, 2012

A Color of his Own

This week, we're going to be focusing on one of our favorite books right now. 'A Colour of his Own' By Leo Lionni. Except I think it's spelled Color...he's probably not Canadian.
Look at that, turns out he's not Canadian

 For today's activity, we read the story while using our felt board. I made the felt pieces by simply tracing the characters in the book and cutting out templates. Tracing my templates on felt, cutting them out and painting them with acrylic paint. Nice and easy! Have a look!

Katie loves placing the pieces on the board, removing them and putting up the next one. Her favorite part is saying 'red with white polka dots'. DJ on the other hand, just wants to eat everything in sight. Om nom nom, chameleons. This is an activity we do without him.

Side note, I love when kids figure things out. Especially things you never would have thought of...

Did you know that magnets stick to corner bead? Happy Monday! Go explore!

colour matching cards
Play dough mat
Painting and transparent sheet

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  1. We just picked up this book at a swap this spring. Eric Carle has similar type images in his books.