Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Direction, A Few New Faces. Nice Ones Though :)

Hello lovely people! (cough cough Jess and possibly my mother)

This is Kathryn the one-time guest poster and sister to Jess, here to give a brief explanation of what on earth I've convinced her to do to her blog. On the off chance that you aren't her or my mother and are wondering. Jess and I are both crafty in a general sort of way. We also made similar resolutions in the new year about sewing for our kids, the gist of which is not buy them clothes but try to make them if we can while being amazingly thrifty, making things that are fun and stylish, and of course comfortable and kid approved. Because we totally have the time and skills for that. ;)

I wanted to start putting these projects up on a blog because Jess is the first person I want to show everything I make to and the webcam just wasn't cutting it. I'm also really bad at remembering to take pictures of things I make and I always regret that later. This will hopefully keep me accountable about documenting my little creations.

Fair warning; despite my explanation about the kids clothes being the intended theme we're probably just going to post about whatever we end up making, regardless of the type of craft. There will be a lot of kid projects but sticking to a narrow theme isn't really where we're going with this.

So as a reward for making it through my rambling I'd like to bring you my first project post: Rainbow Wrist Warmers!

Not super complicated but the snow was getting in the gap between her mitts and her sleeves and stopping her from having fun outside. I basically just grabbed some yarn from my stash (a 30% wool, 70% acrylic blend so it was warm but not itchy) and knit some rectangles more than twice the width of her palm and as long as I wanted them to be. Then I sewed up the side seams and put a stitch or two where I wanted the thumb divided. I like how they curl up at the bottom but if you wanted to try some that lay flat just do a few rows of ribbing at the end instead.

Doesn't that little bit of rainbow make you happy? :) The yarn was a thrift store find. I have some of this ball left and a whole other one. What do you think the rest should be?


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