Friday, February 21, 2014

Duct Tape Swords: A Non-Tutorial

My baby has a thing for sticks. Brooms, canes, knitting needles, hockey sticks, fishing rods, wrapping paper... if he comes across it and it's stick shaped, watch out! We wanted to give him something that would fulfill his deep desire to carry a stick without us all risking decapitation. A foam sword from the dollar store seemed like the perfect solution, until he bit a chunk out of the foam. Awesome. So back to the dollar store we went for some duct tape. You can't do better than duct tape. Unless they happen to have it in a rainbow of colours!

Just wrap the tape around the squishy foam part. Still soft, but much more bite resistant! I called it a non-tutorial because it's not exactly rocket science. Also this will probably be of no use to anyone else out there, unless they happen to have a foam eating baby and a desperate need for toy swords in their house. But who knows, someone may just want to copy the look ;)

Yay! Problem solved!

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