Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Abundance of Pants

So as I was planning those birthday pants I also cut out two pairs of leggings for Deacon since he had a serious pants shortage. Then within two weeks he was given six or seven more pairs of pants. Almost all of which were dark blue, like the ones I'd cut out. Guess I wished too hard for more pants ;)

Okay, worst picture of the bunch but the only one he's sitting still in!

I used the Fancy Pants Leggings Pattern ( You can find it at http://www.titchythreads.com/patterns but I got mine in the Sew Fab pattern bundle.) I really, really loved this pattern! I was nervous after my last pants fiasco but these were super easy. Also probably the best fitting pants he has.

My attempts at trying to show you what the back panel looks like. I think watching me chase Deacon around trying to get a picture of his bum was the highlight of Sophie's day!

I added cuffs to this pair but there's also the option of hemming them. They also come with a shorts option so you'll probably be seeing these again! 

Pair number two started out looking like this:

And ended up like this:

This time I used the existing hem of the sweater instead of cuffs. They look much less wonky on but we weren't playing chase the baby with the camera twice in one day.

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