Friday, February 28, 2014

Bath Time Fun

Quick and easy fun for the bath: glow sticks! 

Look what I have Mama!
We've actually done this once before and discovered you can mix colours with water and light! It was pretty neat. All you need are 2-3 primary coloured glow sticks and an empty yogurt container made of white plastic. We skipped that this time though since I'm pretty sure that orange and purple make yuck.

I'll spare you any more of my attempts to photograph glowing things in the dark and will instead answer the question that's really on your minds right now. Yes, I am actually washing my kids in two baby bathtubs crammed in a shower stall. No this was not part of the activity. This house does have a bathtub in the second bathroom but for some reason they've disconnected the drain. My kids both scream bloody murder in the shower and 4 months of that seemed like a bad plan. Good thing I didn't succeed in getting rid of these before I moved ;)

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