Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diaper Bag

 I took me a week longer than expected to get around to this project, because I was sick, but it's finally here. I used this tutorial : and only made two adjustment. One, I skipped using interfacing because I used canvas, and two, I added 8 inches to the strap.
 I am awesome and managed to line up everything. There are velcro pockets on both sides, as well as two on the front.
 Can you see the pockets? The Flap attaches to the front with magnetic snaps.
 I put two elastic pockets on each side of the interior. ( It's bigger than it looks, the elastics just scrunch it closed a bit)
And on the back is a zipper pocket. Voila! My green diaper bag. I'm very happy with how it turned out. For the last two years I've been using the kids backpacks instead of a diaper bag, because my dog ate a whole in our old one, while trying to get some cookies from the side pocket. This bag not only fits enough cloth diapers for an outing or day trip, but my water bottle fits perfectly in the side pockets. Also... I made it <3

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  1. Oh you and your wonderful stripe-matching abilities :)