Thursday, April 10, 2014

KCW Pinafore

I'm pretty excited, this is my first time sewing along for Kids Clothes Week (KCW) because it's the first time I've had someplace to show off what I've made! I'm actually behind schedule. Day one was a sick day, day two I spent washing and ironing fabrics so I guess that still counts, this lovely pinafore is the result of day three but most of my sewing is done at night so I couldn't show it off until today.

I used this tutorial from you and me  and shortened it to shirt length. (Turns out Sophie has almost no shirts in her next size and quite a few of the boring-to-make things. Oh darn.) This was really easy and super cute!

I do have a confession, this technically isn't done. Sophie was quite firm on it having snaps instead of buttons and my snap press it in storage right now. She's getting very picky about what she'll wear these days. She told be the other day that she only likes green and black and things with bunnies on them. We managed to expand this to include buttons and apples. When I popped into the fabric store (just for thread I swear! lol) and saw that they had a rack of discontinued cotton on for 3$ a meter... well this fabric is all buttons and another was green with bunnies. It was fate I tell you! Here are a few close-ups just because I'm in love with this, and I'll leave your bonus post at that! With any luck I'll keep the KCW sewing ball rolling and have more to show you later in the week :)

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