Monday, April 21, 2014

Layers of Ruffles

I seem to have been on a theme lately... maybe spring is making me crave girly things?

 This is a shirt I finished for Sophie. It's re-sized from an adult shirt (Freecycle bag strikes again!). I wanted to save the fun embroidery but needed to hide some light stains on the body of the shirt. I actually have a fourth ruffle kicking around but that seemed like overkill. I figure I'll save it and use it to lengthen the shirt when it starts getting short. If she hasn't destroyed it by then!

The back has a button so that there is a wide head opening. Sophie looses her mind if a shirt gets stuck on her head while she's putting it on. One of the nice things about making a bunch of her things is that I can tailor them to her personality, not just her size. 

Super classy bathroom selfie. Possibly not an improvement on the hallway mirror...
Look! I made something for me! This one's a refashion actually, that's how most of my "me" projects go. This was about saving some pieces that I liked but couldn't wear anymore.  Did you guess by looking at them that you were seeing the remains of two tops and a skirt? (What a gruesome way to phrase things lol!) 

So the white bodice piece it the top of a t-shirt, the brown and cream layers were a skirt and the red pockets and connecting piece were from another shirt. You should have seen me cut the red one, I was pretty ridiculous! I'd originally put it aside to remake for Sophie and I wasn't quite ready to give up on that idea so there I was carefully unrolling the hem and trying to use the least conspicuous place to cut the pockets from...
Ya, watch me never even use it after all that ;)

I really love this dress. It's making me want to sew more for myself. That or the fact that living out of a suitcase is making me want to burn my wardrobe and start over! I have two beautiful dress pattern books that I'm determined to use this summer. The real problem is that I don't always find skirts to be practical with young children. Maybe I'll single handedly start the trend of wearing Mama-Bloomers underneath. You can thank me later. 

I loooove these bloomers + corset

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