Monday, April 7, 2014

Possibly the Strangest Raincoat Ever...

I don't think I'll tell you why just yet though, see what you think of it first.

The real point of this project was to use the orange fabric you see inside as the lining for something coat-like. I'd taken Sophie to pick some fabrics for her new car coat. The outer fabric that she chose is nice, a kind of teal-y blue. The inside was this. Super synthetic, bright orange, with this weird raised pattern to it. I was afraid to iron it people. I just couldn't bring myself to put the work into a coat and hate half of it, and so the raincoat idea was born.

I used this tutorial here : (I think I have this pinned about three times, It's just so sweet!)  I didn't want to invest a lot of time into these fabulous materials so I went with the easiest options. I didn't even add the buttonhole, I just sewed a loop of elastic into the seam. I chose the cape version instead of the arms, but I did do some stitching to create some sleeve-like definition and keep her arms dry if she reaches for something.

Look closely and you can see the weird texture to the lining in this picture.

Have you guessed what makes it so strange yet? (I know, that orange stuff should count on it's own!) Notice I didn't mention the outside fabric? It's one of those flannel-backed dollar store tablecloths.  Possibly not the most durable choice but it's not like I'll be heartbroken if she wrecks it. The real question should be what kind of person looks at a plastic tablecloth and sees clothing ;) 

But really, how could you say no to this face?

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