Friday, April 25, 2014

I Love My Sister Enough to Spend an Entire Month Making Her Baby Clothes...

...but I also love her enough not to make her keep them!

Yah... I went a little nuts
So my wonderful sister was having a baby and none of us could make it to meet the new arrival. Something would clearly have to be done about this and since it couldn't involve planes I used Facebook to recruit one of her friends in town and we threw her a baby shower (from across the country on my part). Now this little lady was to be baby number three, and I knew from repeatedly prodding my sister that she didn't need much of anything. So I gave people the option of knitting/crocheting for the babies at the local hospital.

Yes, I know that I'm insane. Let's just move on shall we?

I couldn't quite resist making a few small things for baby Hunter, but I tried to keep them useful. She got a carseat blanket like this adorable little one, but without the hood (I was worried about it getting in her face as a newborn) (,  as well as a travel highchair (this is how you use it Jess lol). These are great, they fold up into nothing in your diaper bag.

This bunny was actually her Easter present, and the one thing Jess requested. I've made weird little stuffies for each of her other kids as babies as well. It's like a strange tradition or something now.

Sophie wanted to keep bunny :)

I knew that I couldn't forget Katie and DJ, so I made their Cabbage Patch Kids some clothes. Want to try some of your own? I'll tell you how I did them on Monday!

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