Monday, June 30, 2014

Skirting the Issue; Backpack Edition!

So, umm... it looks like I'm a bit early here. When I went to look up this year's Skirting the Issue I noticed that It started on July 1st last year. Seeing as tomorrow is Canada Day around here you get a sneak peek at this wonderful sew along, before it even begins!  :)

My photo's may regress for awhile, we just moved into a basement and the lighting's so bad that my turquoise couch looks grey! I'll be experimenting in my next few posts until I find someplace new I like.

So, what exactly is Skirting the Issue? Basically it started as an internet sew-along to make skirts for back to school for little girls in foster care but it has grown to include sewing for any cause that moves you. It's run by Simple Simon and Co, you can read last years launch post here. Myself, Jess and some ladies from my church made just over 20 skirts last year. This year I'm doing it in two parts. We'll still be doing skirts for September but after talking to the donations coordinator at our local Family and Children's Services, we decided to make drawstring backpacks for the beginning of summer as well because they run summer camp type programs and many of the children have to bring their shoes or swimsuits in plastic grocery bags.

We chose a pattern with fabric straps as cording gets expensive quick! Some of them have pockets, some don't and we made three sizes, to fit kids from little kindergartner's to teenage boy sized gym shoes. I obviously haven't  put the drawstring in mine yet, I'm waiting to see how much I'll need. You can see the casing for it below:

 Want to sew along? If you're from around here, pick a skirt or backpack pattern and go for it! I'd love to add your creations to the pile :) I can't give you a link to the backpack tutorial as it was from a book someone else brought but Google or Pintrest would find you tons. For skirts it's whatever inspires you but beginners might like MADE's skirt tutorial's, found here. Not local? Be the first in your community to join! Single-handedly help change the world! Who cares if you're only one person. Jess and I made 2/3 of the skirts last year. Even if you only manage two, that's two little girls who'll have something beautiful and new to wear for back to school, maybe for the first time in their lives.

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