Monday, November 24, 2014

Fox Socks

So the very first Christmas presents I finished were for Katie and DJ. I was so excited when Jess liked my first suggestion because I was dying to make these socks! (Would it be fabulous or lame if I made myself a pair someday?)

The yarn is a worsted weight, the same stuff I dyed here. I would normally post the sock pattern but I had some issues with it. The tutorial for the fox details are found here on Ravelry, and are beyond worth checking out! You can make little tails too, to attach to the cuffs but I didn't think that would fit well under pants. (You can actually use the fox face for mittens too.)

The only thing I changed was to make the ears a single layer, so that they would be comfortable in shoes. I definitely want these to be wearable as well as cute. Below you can see the red and orange socks together. Just different enough to be able to tell whose is whose.

The real dilemma now is, which colour will go to which kid? 

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