Friday, November 7, 2014

The Dino's Went Walking Last Night...

Dinovember is here! An entire month of convincing my kids that their toy dinosaurs come alive in the night and make mischief while they sleep. (You really need to check out the original post of the parents who thought this up, their pictures are amazing and so much fun!)

Reading books.
We technically started a day or two late, but my kids can't read a calendar yet so I got away with it.

Playing baby.
Sophie's actually been pretty funny about it. She's decided that the dinosaurs are being naughty by getting up and playing in the night and has trapped one in a ziploc bag so it will behave tonight.

Trying to go outside.
(Sorry for the terrible pictures but living in a basement means that there are only a few very weird places that I can take nice photos and none of them are suitable for dinosaur games.)

Going for a ride.
This is definitely one of my favorite traditions. It just adds some fun and magic to their morning. I also love that Sophie actually remembers some of their antics from last year! "Remember when the dinosaurs made me breakfast? Remember when they were ironing?" (That last one was a desperate middle of the night set up after I'd stayed up too late sewing and almost forgot to pose the dinosaurs. I felt pretty lame just sticking them in the middle of my stuff so I didn't have to clean it up but it turned out to be one of her favorites, maybe because they were into something she wasn't allowed to touch?)

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  1. That is hilarious!! I LOVE it! And I think your photos are great!