Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Trap a Dinosaur

Dinovember may face an early demise in our house. Sophie has decided that playing in the night time makes the dinosaurs naughty, and she has set out to stop them! 

She's been trapping them one at a time in ziploc bags, until only the dragon (who hasn't been moving) and the big dinosaur were left. I've been playing along and any bagged dino's have stayed "trapped" in the bucket while the others played. This has left me with only one dino to pose for the last few days though...

Daddy took a turn posing them last night and he set them all free. I covered for him by claiming that the dragon let the others out. Sophie quite determinedly zipped all three little ones and the dragon back up in bags and then started plotting how to trap the big one.

Sophie says "I like them moving. I just want to be sneakier than them."

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