Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My girls are a Hoot

For Halloween this year, we tried to convince our kids to be dragon ball characters. They wanted nothing to do with that. Dj was determined to wear his wolf costume from last year, and Katie wanted to be an owl. I thought I could make Hunter a fox costume and then I would have three little forest animals. Fortunately, Katie thought better of my awful idea and decided that both her and Hunter needed to be owls.

Just like Sophie and Deacon's costumes, I wanted the girls costumes to be usable after Halloween night. To do that, I simply made them owl hoodies. I bought them plain grey hoodies from the boys section at WalMart. It's the only place that I've ever been able to find plain ones in neutral colours. Or any colour for that matter. We then looked for felt to make the feathers, but couldn't find any there, or at the dollar store. I ended up settling on a stack of 2$ tee shirts from the dollar store. The wings are hand sewn so that they can be easily removed if they don't hold up in the washing machine. The faces are made with felt that I already had, as are Katie's belly and feet. I think they turned out perfectly <3

Altogether, I ended up spending about 12$ on each of them, but the sweaters were new and 8$ a piece. Still less expensive than buying costumes, and the girls have adorable sweaters now. Katie's is a size 4 boy's, so it should fit for another year still. Hunter's is a boy's size 2, which was the smallest size that they offered so it should fit for ever. DJ's costume on the other hand, needs it's tail re sewn after having a meeting with the washing machine, but it was a little on the small side anyways.

Katie's front
Katie's feet
Katie's back

Hunter's back

Hunter's front

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