Wednesday, December 24, 2014

1000 hours outside

I'm taking a challenge, and I would like to extend this challenge to you and everyone you know with children or grandchildren. Spend 1000 hours outside in 2015. Not just the kids, you too. Try bringing them outside for 4-6 hour stretches 3 times a week. or 2 hour stretches daily, or smaller stretches multiple times a day. Is it a perfect day out? Spend the whole day outside! Apparently, the average American child watches 1200 hours or television per year, so why can't we match that with time spent outside. Start small and work your way up, or start off big right away. I promise you that given the time to adapt to the lifestyle change, everyone in your family will benefit greatly from this. Please visit this website for some inspiration:

I'm going to start this year long challenge off with a mini challenge of my own. If I could have any wish granted for my Birthday, it would for a day spent like my 25th birthday, tobogganing with friends and all of our children, then coming home to have some hot cocoa. Tomorrow is my 26th birthday by the way ;) oh, and Merry Christmas too! GET OUTSIDE.
P.S. If it's -40... please don't go outside for 4-6 hours. you might smart and safe during the extreme cold and heat seasons. Make up for hours lost on nicer days.

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