Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

The BIG surprise at our family birthday party last week, was that we made a coffee table for our Dad. Why a coffee table, you ask? Because DJ and Sophie thought it would be fun to bash his current table with mini hockey sticks. Paappa didn't much like the new modification. Our plan was for our family to build it, then bring it to Guelph while our parents were in Sudbury, so that Kathryn's family could finish it and SURPRISE!!! but no, the date of the party was moved around four times until it was finalised. Instead, we (Elijah) built the table, and covered it with a table cloth and candy. We were so sneaky, until a beer was knocked over on it. Off came the table cloth, since the wood wasn't finished and we didn't want beer on the untreated wood... "uhhhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!" In the end, it guess it worked out for the best, since he wants it stained a different colour than what we had intended.

Plans courtesy on ana white

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