Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gingerbread Three Ways

Mmm... Cookies....

Sorry to tempt you, but if you're on my Christmas cookie list you may just get some. If you're not (or just want more than I gave you) then you need to head over to MADE for the gingerbread softies recipe. This is the recipe that I get asked for every year, it's that good!

As fun as decorating gingerbread is, I'm not usually a huge fan of the cookie itself. These are soft and chewy with a bit of extra sweet outside... mmm...

Frozen is still a thing in our house, so as Sophie was  rolling the dough she decided that she was making sugar trolls :)

I did sacrifice about a third of the dough for more traditional gingerbread making. Jess usually makes herself a gingerbread house for her birthday, but this year we are doing a four way December birthday bash and she's making two other cakes.

I will freely admit that gingerbread house building is not one of my skills so I borrowed this neat looking star cookie cutter tree set Mom had picked up.  Isn't that cute?

Kind of a cookie pyramid from this angle... I will freely admit to skipping the bottom two cookies though. The largest cookie cutter is the size of a salad plate and this is cake number three for the same afternoon.

This is gingerbread number three. It's gingerbread play-dough! Smells soooo good. So good in fact that I skipped making the second batch for my kids (this is part of DJ's birthday present) because it smelled so much like the cookie dough we've been playing with the last few days.

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