Monday, December 22, 2014

Things I Didn't Do This Christmas

Last year when Deacon was a baby I found this great way of crossing things off of my crazy-long to-do list....

I just didn't do them!

So here's my list of "didn't" so far this year:

I didn't send out Christmas cards.
I have some photo cards for close family that I'll be using as gift tags and the rest will be thank-you notes for gifts.

I didn't make tins full of cookies and treats.
I'm usually really into the baking but this year my list was so long that it just didn't sound fun so I whipped up three bid batches of simple cookies and gave everyone little baggies with one of each kind. Realistically everyone gets so many cookies this time of year that no one minded.

I didn't make even half of the homemade presents I'd planned to.
And I'm ok with that. I mostly did the kids presents because those are the ones I enjoy the most.

Half of my Decorations stayed in the box.
The tree is the part that the kids are really into, they don't really notice the rest. Besides, less to put away next week!

Deacon may not get his stocking made again this year...
I'll admit to not being super thrilled about this one but it's not worth not sleeping some night over. I'm telling myself I'll whip it up in the days after Christmas to be put away for next year, but I said that last time and once Christmas was over I wanted nothing to do with seasonal crafts so we'll see.

You know what though? My kids made cookies, picked presents, decorated the tree, read Christmas books and have been breathlessly counting down the days.  A longer list would have meant less time for those things, or doing them myself without them slowing me down. So I'm ok with my list.


  1. I love the idea of this list, Christmas can be soo stressful that the "to do" lists can suck the fun out of it. Next year I'm going to adopt your method :)

  2. Hmmm seems like we're related or something. If you had replaced your family's names with names from mine, it would fit almost perfectly. Minus the tree. We had no tree.