Monday, December 1, 2014

The "I Can't Read Russian" Dress

I think I did pretty well, considering I winged it from a picture.

Here is a closeup of the print, since it's fairly subtle. I have no idea what sort of material this is. I've never seen anything like it before. The outside is soft, almost like a flannel but it has a fair bit of stretch to it. Fabricland was clearing it out at something crazy like 2$ a meter so this was definitely coming home with me, planned or not!

The link to the pattern is here. It's a diagram with measurements. It's actually quite clear even if you can't read what I'm guessing is Russian.  The numbers are presumably centimeters, but since I'm clearly larger than the (drawn) model and like my dresses to have more length, I approximated the basic shapes using a t-shirt as a starting point.

This is the front and back pieces cut out and laid on top of each other. If you look crazy close at the bottom you can see the higher hem of the top piece.

This is how that same curve looks stuck out instead of draped. Occasionally it will pop out instead of draping nicely so I'm thinking of taking it in a bit so I don't feel silly.

Here is a mistake I made before even starting the dress. When I don't have pattern in mind when buying fabric, I always buy either one or two meters depending on the price and what I'm guessing I'll want it for. Problem is, most dresses need at least 2 1/4 meters so that your sleeves can be on the fold and not have a seam through the middle. Oh well.

Here it is on, isn't the drape lovely? It's a bit tighter through the chest and arms than I was going for because the fabric has less stretch than the t-shirt I used to draft it. I like how it turned out though.

Keep your eye out for more dresses this month. Dressember (a fundraiser to help stop the trafficking of women) starts today and I'll be in dresses from now until new years! 

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