Monday, June 9, 2014

Doily Curtains

Since we will be moving this week my hands have been itching to make things for our new apartment :)
It's freshly painted in perfectly livable (but unexciting) neutral colours, which means that painting would be a waste of time and money at this point. Especially when I can add some personality the diy/cheap way.

I've seen different versions of these floating around pintrest, this being my favorite. So off to the thrift store I go only to discover that their doilies are 1$ a piece. Not ridiculous unless you want a stack of them. Thankfully we had an epic garage sale-ing trip the next day where a nice lady gave me a bag stuffed with 23 of them for 4$. Because really, 23$ curtains were not happening. Especially considering that the windows already have brand new blinds on them and these are just for decoration.

So these are obviously not rocket science; acquire doilies, lay them flat and arrange them until you're happy, pin with safety pins, then sew. 

They do make me happy though. I can't help but wonder how many of them were handmade? I have a few vintage lace books and some of them have patterns for entire tablecloths worth of dainty lace. I have serious respect for people who can do things like that. I'm more a quick and easy project type of girl. My head is full of too many ideas and if I don't finish something soon I run out of steam and drop it for the next project. (My UFO basket is starting to overflow again, if you're wondering where that train of thought came from!)

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