Friday, June 13, 2014

The Pink Episode

So, I happen to have a favorite colour. Somewhere, in some universe this is what my hair looks like :

Her hair <3 
(Picture found here, because sadly this is not me.)

So I have to settle for wearing pink, because I'm still in that phase with young children where just washing my hair is an accomplishment, forget about bleaching roots!

These were a pair of cotton pants, now capris. I love the colour and how lightweight they are but the calf part was to big and the waistband too small. So problem number one was solved. Now I just have to decide if I want to a) stick these in my little bag of pre-Deacon clothes that still don't quite fit or b) take off the waistband and turn them into maternity pants. I can't decide because both options are a gamble. Is it more likely that I will be my pre-Deacon weight someday or that I will be pregnant in the summer again? Or should I replace the waistband with another fabric and hope it doesn't look too weird? Hmm... any thoughts?

These pants are the softest, light pink jeans you will ever find; with a waist that fit just right. (A recurring issue since having Deacon.) I found them for 4$ at a thrift store and for that price I was willing to work around the fact that they were basically Mom Jeans from the hip down. Using about 800 pins an trying not to stab myself while pulling them on inside-out, I came up with the seams that gave me this:

Not actually being the sort of person who knows anything about fashion, I consulted the internet and came to the conclusion that the wrinkles mean they're too tight. They weren't an issue when I was pinning so I must have not been careful enough with my seam allowances. So technically another pair that isn't quite finished but I wanted to share them because to me this is more about learning than just looking like I create perfect, picture worthy things. Why would someone choose to do this alteration and not that one? I'm having this problem with a garment, what does that mean and how do I fix it? What's worth fixing and what goes in the donation bin?

I'll leave you on a lighter not after those profoundly deep thoughts of mine... :P

Sophie picked up some cotton candy coloured hair dye in the drug store the other day and convinced me to buy it for her. (It wasn't a harsh chemical brand so the convincing was about whether she would sit still for the extra rinsing.) It was such a light colour that you can only see it when the light hits her hair just right. This is the closest I could get with the camera. I've promised her another try with a darker shade of pink because she was so extremely patient and careful this time. In a perfect world I would have done that this week and had round two pictures to show you as well, but this is life not Pinterest . The real world said I had better move, find furniture for our new apartment, walk across town to the vet with a bunny in my scarf, stick anything that would fit into my washing machine and actually care for my children; not just colour their hair to match my blog posts. :P

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