Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shirts for the kids

Our family has taken up running together, Elijah takes the older two in our double jogging stroller, and I take Hunter in the single. China (our dog) usually starts with me, but pulls the whole time and ends up running nicely beside Elijah instead. When we run, we wear running shirts, and the kids decided that they needed running shirts as well. Using the basic t-shirt tutorial from MADE, I whipped up one fore each of them.

For Katie's shirt, I used swimsuit material, hoping that it will be a quick dry material and therefore closer to a real running shirt. The material wasn't as stretchy as ribbed cotton, so when I made the collar, it ended up being HUGE. the solution to my problem was to attempt a V neck kind of failed, because i had no idea what i was doing, but Katie likes it and that's all that matters.

For DJ's shirt, I resized one of Elijah's old T shirts. Yes, highway 69 is a real highway...I haven't ironed this shirt yet, but the little guy was in a hurry to put it in, since his sister already had hers. I was very pleased with this one, in person, you would never guess that it was homemade. :) 

Post Script, I have three out of six straps done on my big project, hopefully I can post the results later in the week! 

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