Friday, August 8, 2014

Citrus-y Summer Shorts set

So it only took me half the summer, but I have finally finished Deacon's little shorts outfit!

Getting pictures of it was another story...

Here's a kind of gloomy picture of just the top. At least it's not in motion in this photo though!

Here's the cute little shoulder buttons, probably my favorite part! The pattern is form the book Candy Crochet, which I accidentally acquired by checking it out from the library, losing it, paying the replacement fee and then finding it again. The original is actually very nautical. with red where I used orange and thinner navy stripes. I had planned on doing the same until I got to the yarn store and saw these colours together. I just love dressing this kid in yellow and orange, it looks so cute on him and his sister and I don't have the colouring to pull it off. The yarn is Bernat Cotton-ish in "cotton ball", "lemon twill" and "cotton harvest". I used one ball of each, more for cost reasons than style ones but I love how it ended up! The wider yellow stripes meant there was just enough white left over to use for the waistband of the shorts. (That isn't part of the pattern, I was just running out of orange!)

The waistband looks kind of scrunchy because this is a bit wide for him still. My biggest problem with this pattern book is that everything in it is short and wide.I don't mean that as a criticism, the author says she made these patterns for her grandchildren to wear. As Mama to a kid who did not fit into average sizes very well, any patterns I create are modified to my kids shapes as well. (You can tell that the shapes are off in the book by looking at the models. In many cases their wrists are sticking way out of their sleeves.) So this meant modifying the pattern, but at least I knew it was coming. The first thing I made out of this was a pair of baby dresses for Sophie and Katie's first Christmases. I believe Katie just grew into hers. So I kept the length of the 18 month size and used the 6 month width. It still turned out wide enough for a 2T wearing, cloth diapered little toddler bum. 

Deacon's new favorite thing is knocking on doors. Which is adorable, unless I'm in the bathroom. ;)

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